Fall Stitching Service Fall Stitching Service

Fall Stitching Service

Rs. 200.00
Fall stitching is important to give an enhanced support, weight and alignment to the pleats of your beautiful saree, especially ones with fabrics that are very light and that tend to easily lose form towards the bottom of the pleats.

Fall stitching service is ONLY available for the sarees you place order for with EAST & GRACE, and cannot be independently ordered. Once you place an order for the saree and choose this listing also, we will coordinate the fall color for that saree.

Here are some important guidelines for our fall stitching service:

👚 All measurements are in inches.

👚 A flat US$4.00 or INR 200/- fee is applicable for fall stitching for any saree.

👚 Fall stitching is only available with the purchase of the associated saree.

👚 Fall will not be sent separately. It will come stitched along with your purchased saree.

👚 Alterations are not allowed.

👚 Typically, fall is a terry-cotton strip that is 115 inches in length and 6 inches in breadth and chosen based on the matching color with the saree and is sewn on the back side of the saree along the edges supporting the pleats.

👚 A lot of EAST & GRACE sarees will not need fall stitching due to the heavy embroidery on their lower parts of the pleats or the skirt of the saree. Please choose this service accordingly.

We'd be happy to offer fall stitching with your saree order. Drop us message if you have any questions.

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