We believe that a story can be woven with ribbons. In the same realms of existence as we live. Into layers and layers of a beautiful thought or a deep inspiration from the woods, the flowers, the birds, life itself. Our fascination lies with how ribbonwork allows us to take these creative flights with visual art and expression into three-dimensional embroidery. And we couldn’t resist the idea of marrying this concept with the unmistakable elegance of the Indian saree. This birthed EAST & GRACE’s original idea of European ribbonwork embroidery on the Indian saree.

Ribbonwork IS rocket science. And it demands creative attention, time and energy like no other embroidery. When the wide-eyed needles together with the 12mm wide satin ribbons make their way through the luxurious pure silk chiffon, our skilled embroidery artists have a difficult test to pass with not causing tears in the fabric, but weave each fold of the ribbon into a glorious rosebud or a perfectly folded leaf. These rosebuds are akin to the roses from the gardens and are so real you’ll be amazed. So when you drape one of these masterfully done ribbonwork sarees, you are wearing something real and magnificent. EAST & GRACE is the original home of this magnificence.


pink rose

Pink Rose – Sublime and romantic baby pink satin ribbonwork roses are a stroll through the enchanted rose gardens.

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Lilac – Lilac ribbonwork bouquets only for you! 

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Mille Fleurs – The richly dense floral motifs coupled with ribbonwork flowers are a nothing short of a royal dream.

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Tangerine Garden – Tiny, colorful ribbonwork florets intertwine beautifully on this sweet tangerine saree. 



Some of our other embroidery designs are no short of wonder too. The Morning Sunshine Rose Vine Embroidery Saree takes you to the tree-tops with chirping birds and covers you with red roses on the way while the Pearl Embellished Icy Mint Saree is a classic stunner with leaves stringed with shiny pearls. With every saree, you drape yourself in art. And we guarantee you that you will own the stage wherever you go with classic simplicity or fearless opulence with an EAST & GRACE saree.

We love to court wild imaginings with color and design every day and bring them to life with unmatched, meticulous attention to detail, spending days together shaping them exactly beautiful as they feel, with our hardworking team of craftsmen and women. They are our lifeline and thank God for all of them!

Please welcome the beauty, art, and philosophy of an EAST & GRACE saree in your hearts.

Warmest thanks, sweetest hugs and best wishes,





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