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THANK YOU for choosing EAST & GRACE to create that perfect custom saree or a blouse or a petticoat for you! We would be happy to collect the following details that will help us understand your requirements better.

We request that you provide as much detail as possible with no speck of information left out that gives us a clear picture as try to achieve the best desired result. The more words, the better.

1. The details being collected below, once submitted, cannot be altered at any stage after order confirmation, unless we have not been able to achieve what you first chose below. In that case, only one revision is allowed.

2. Colors chosen by you will be used as a best reference, but exact colors (that is exact RGB code or Hex code of a color) in the final result cannot be guaranteed.Our attempts would be to get our dyeing processes the closest possible to color of your choice and we need your trust and some creative liberty to help us achieve that.

3. Reiterating from point 1, only one revision is allowed if the completed result does not match the first agreed requirements between you (the customer) and EAST & GRACE. e.g. if the base color for the saree was agreed to as a specific red color by providing us with RGB or Hex code for the color, and the completed result is not very close to the agreed color, one revision request by you is okay that we will fulfill so that the improved red color is very close to what was first agreed to.

4. The images we send you as part of updates are going to be subject to the lighting conditions of the photography and your monitor display settings. But we will explicitly mention what is the perfect color for any part of the saree/blouse/petticoat in the image.

5. We will send you a maximum of three important updates at different stages of completion of your custom order:

a. Acknowledging, verifying and getting approval on your requirements for the custom order. Also, the total price and an estimated date of dispatch/delivery will be sent.

b. Mid-way updates through completion of your order with images and asking if things look right or a revision is required based on what has been completed. Note that you cannot change the requirements at this stage but only provide feedback on what has been completed. Also, a confirmed date of dispatch/approximate date of delivery will be sent.

c. Final updates on the completed order with images, and a tracking number for your order as soon as it is shipped on the date of dispatch.



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